Friday, September 3, 2010

A Worthy Cause

One of my online quilting friends, Christina Kuhne, drew my attention to a group she is working with who make quilts for needy folk, including terminally ill children and their families, the 2009 Victorian bushfire victims, and most recently, victims/survivors of incest and rape in Zimbabwe. Please take time to look at her blog, and if you can donate fabrics or financially, please consider doing so. I remember once when I received a Red Cross knitted bear - it is such a wonderful thing to think that somewhere, someone who doesn't know you from Adam took the time to make a hand-made item to comfort you in a stressful or traumatic time.
Christina's blog is We Care Quilts For Kids, and there is an email address there if you would like further information from her.
Happy stitching,
Linden :-)


  1. You really do get a warm fuzzy feeling when you do something to help people!

  2. hi linden - sorry to be posting here....i am stoked to have you as a PIF person, but i don't have an email address for you and can't find one in your profile. can you please email me at so i can get your physical address etc?