Friday, September 17, 2010

More Block Swaps

DH has been home this week, so there hasn't been much time for sewing or blogging. He's off at work tonight so of course instead of quilting, I'm blogging about quilting! I've done some more of Lesley's quilt - I now have five out of 24 blocks done. I also did most of Block 4 from the Chocolate Coated BOM, but have to revisit it. I cut 3½" squares instead of 4" squares which was slightly problematic when trying to piece them as you can imagine.
Here are some great blocks I received this week:
Terry made this Mosaic Block for me for the IFQ swap:

And here is the one Donna made for me:

Here is the block Rosemary made for me for the Quilting Block Swaps Australia Christmas swap:

I love how she has fussy-cut the stars to match the main fabric.
Sue made this block for me as my September Quilting Block Swaps Australia partner:

And this is the block I made for Sue:

Alex sent this block as my August partner:

And finally, here is my block from Cecelia who was my August partner at Quilt Block Swap:

I love how these blocks are all so different - I asked for 12" blocks in purple and orange and each one is beautiful. I have the beginnings of a very nice quilt I think! It's also lovely getting to know these beautiful women through our common love of quilting.
Before the end of September, I need to make Rosemary's Christmas block and a log cabin for Virginia. My nieces also have their 13th birthday this month, so I need to get their gifts organised. The scary thing is that I will be going back to work soon which means I will have a lot less quilting time. Aargh!
Happy sewing :-)


  1. do you have to go back to work? ;) i think quilting is work all of its own - under-appreciated!

  2. Unfortunately I have to go back after mat leave. Alas the landlord likes to be paid in $$ rather than quilt blocks! :-)