Thursday, August 19, 2010

Block Swaps

I belong to two block swap groups, and am also doing a swap through another online group I belong to. Today I received a lovely block from Tarnia in WA. I sent her the middle square and she made the block around it. This is a swap through International Friendship Quilters. Here's Tarniya's block:

Here's the block I made for her:

I also finished my block for Cecelia, through Quilt Block Swap, and here it is:

She asked for a star block in deep shades of red, blue and green. I found this block online and drew it up. I didn't mean to have quite so much yellow, but I did a couple of boo-boos along the way!
I have also done a block for Alex, through Quilting Block Swaps Australia, but it's a surprise one, so I can't put a picture up until she receives it!
Happy stitching,
Linden :-)

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  1. I love the one with the gold border, its very balanced.